You already know my name. I am a Director renowned for media visuals and music video shoots. I have also directed TV commercials and photoshoots in my 11 years of industry experience. I come from the country of Lebanon which is quite adaptive of the other cultures. The people here are so open-minded and so is Mamdouh Bayan. 

I am passionate about art and travelling through multicultural diversity which makes me a critical thinker as a director. I had a keen interest in movies, fashion and media which led me to choose this field of direction. “Art is limitless and timeless” is my motivation for love toward art. 

I hold a graduate degree from a renowned university. I started freelance projects after my graduation. I have faced struggles and hardships in my journey and I want to share them with the emerging artists in the industry. I want to give suggestions to the young strugglers that success and failures are next-door neighbours. You have to face both the temptations before heading out to the industry. 

I have travelled through different countries and cultures all over the world and this exposure taught me the value of culture, traditions and emotions. I always look up for a different kind of piece of art, music or culture to come forward with a diverse piece of direction.

I have spent 11 years of my life in this industry working in different domains like cinematography, photography, and art direction and now working as a senior style producer at beIN sports TV. I got the chance to work with a phenomenal team, generating new and creative ideas along with executing them, properly with the help of a great team consists of the youngsters. The creative approach is the basic element of a director and I always look up for it. My fans recognize the name “Mamdouh Bayan” and this is an acknowledgement of my work.