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An interview with Mamdouh Bayan, a creative mind from beIN SPORTS TV

An interview with Mamdouh Bayan, a creative mind from beIN SPORTS TV.

Mamdouh Bayan is a young Style Designer based in Qatar. He loves to travel and goes to the gym on a daily basis. He is an inspiration for many youngsters who intend to join the media industry as a Creative Director, Style Director, or an Art Director.

His experience in the media industry is well enough to help the young minds. We interviewed him to know a little more about his work struggle and lifestyle. Enjoy reading!

1.What inspired you to join the media industry?

 My inspiration to pursue a career in media were movies, fashion, photography, and arts.

2.How do you plan to integrate innovation in the industry?

I have no specific plan or rule, just have full faith and trust in my thoughts. Once I believe in my innovation and once it will be a part of me, I will have the ability to integrate it smoothly into the industry.

3.In your work experience so far, what are the things that you noticed in the industry that you’d like to change?

Art is limitless and timeless. I would like to remove and break all the taboos so that there is a sense of freedom to discuss any topic in an artistic visual way.

4.How do you manage gymming with all the work routine?

Going to the gym and working out is a priority in my life. It has become a part of me, my daily routine and my lifestyle.

5.What are the main obstacles faced by young media students and what do you suggest to them?

The main obstacles faced by young media students include making useful connections in the industry and getting a chance to work on valuable projects. I suggest to never give up and try your best to be a part of a big project even if it means working as a volunteer. Working with famous names and big companies defines your career and experience in the future.

6.What is your advice to those who are afraid of failures while pursuing a career in the media industry?

If you are afraid of failures then you will suffer a lot in the media industry. Just forget about the fear of failure. Once you step into the media industry, you have to put in a lot of efforts which eventually helps you in growing as an artist. Don’t let your fear become an obstacle in your journey of success. Believe me, when I say this, you only get failed if you fear from it.

7.What is the biggest challenge for your working on the set?

I think after having more than 11 years of experience, I don’t see anything as a small or a big challenge while working on the set. The time I spend working on the set makes up for the best time of my day. However, one challenge that I enjoy facing is to transform my idea from mood board to visuals.

8.Who are your key inspirations in the media industry?

My key inspirations would be Spanish movies in general and Pedro Almodovar and Quantum Tarantino to be specific.

9.What does it take for an artist to break out in this era of severe competition in the creative industry?

 All it takes for an artist to break out in this era of severe competition in the creative industry is having a fearless creative mind.

 10.How has social media helped you in building your brand?

 In my case, social media is definitely helping me in expanding my brand and has helped me in acquiring more business. Back then when there was no social media, we had to put in more efforts to get a valuable recognition in the industry.

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