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Our 5 top picks from Mamdouh Bayan’s creative direction portfolio

Our 5 top picks from Mamdouh Bayan’s creative direction portfolio

Mamdouh Bayan is a young creative director based in Qatar. He has more than 10 years of experience in the media industry. He has directed several music videos for famous Lebanese singers and artists. Not only that, but he has also supervised a couple of album cover shoots.

Mamdouh’s Creative Direction portfolio is full of phenomenal pieces of mastered artistry. His work style reflects a young mind’s modern approach towards aesthetics and music sense.

Here are our 5 top picks from Mamdouh Bayan’s creative direction portfolio. Have a look!

1.If We Can Change – A Short Film

 This short film of around 21 minutes was directed by Mamdouh Bayan around 6 years ago. It features a great story where Mamdouh introduced design and visual aesthetics in every scene as per his own creative approach. The cinematography of the film keeps you hooked until the very last moment.

Check the short film here.

2.Balqees Fathi – Ya Hawa (Music Video)

Balqees Fathi is also a renowned singer from the Gulf region. Mamdouh has had the privilege to work for one of her videos.

As opposed to cliche music videos in the Arab region, Mamdouh tried with an adventure of following new trends of art direction and styling. You may check this piece of brilliant art direction here.

3.Naya – Tezkar (Music Video)

When one searches for the most famous Lebanese singers, one of the many names that pop up on the results is Naya. She has released several iconic hits which were received with great love by her fans all around the world.

Mamdouh had a chance to work as an art director for one of her music videos. Check it out here.

4.Khaled Salem – Shakle Bahebek (Music Video)

Extraordinarily brilliant! That is the only phrase that comes into a viewer’s mind when he/she sees this music video. Mamdouh made sure to end this video with a beautiful ending. Watch the video here.

5.Official Album Covers

It is not an unknown fact that music albums are also judged by their covers despite the famous metaphorical phrase that goes by “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Mamdouh Bayan’s work history also includes a display of sheer creativity and innovation in the domain of photoshoots.

Asma Lmnawar’s Album “SABIYA”

Not only Mamdouh has a wide experience in directing and producing music videos but he is also a pro at doing official album covers such as this one for Asma Lmnawar’s album called “SABIYA”.

NAYA’s Album “Mandam”

Look at these mesmerizingly beautiful cover photos for Naya’s album called “Mandam” from 2012.

Balqees Fathi’s Album “Majnoun”

 In Arabic, the word Majnoun means “a crazy person” and this photo cover is also CRAZY!

 We have listed our top 5 picks from Mamdouh Bayan’s Creative Direction journey. Tell us your favorites in the comment section below!

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