Success and failure are neighbors, they live right next door

“Success and failure are neighbors, they live right next door. The only thing you can do is keep pushing through” – says Mamdouh Bayan

It is in a human being’s nature to fear the curse of failure. Whether it is a school exam for a 13-year old student or the fear of losing millions invested in your business, the fear of not being able to achieve what you visualize as ‘success’ may kick at any point in your life. The fear of failure is not a bad occurrence at all, however, if it stops you from pursuing your dreams then it is something we must talk about.

The world’s most successful businessmen, athletes, political leaders, and all the people you take as an inspiration, all have gone through really bad failures at some point in their lives. It was easy for them to ditch the idea of rushing after their goals and dreams but they let the fear of failure become their strength.

Take Michael Jordan for an example, the world’s greatest basketball player today. Want to know a little secret? He was removed from his school’s basketball team because the coach thought he didn’t have enough skill to represent the school. Michael Jordan is now an iconic figure known around the globe.

What does this real-life story tell us about the fear of failure? Failure is only for those who decide to abandon their dreams and goals while success knocks your door if you continue struggling.

Mamdouh Bayan’s struggle helps us in understanding the art of success.

When Mamdouh got done with his education, he started off with freelance projects in the media broadcasting industry and photography where he got several projects to work on. One problem that creative artists and directors face in the start is that they fear the possibility of failure since there is a severe competition. Mamdouh didn’t let this fear become an obstacle in his work journey.

The fear of not getting a good job soon is real but Mamdouh kept tapping all the opportunities one by one. If we talk about now, he is working as a leading member of the creative department and as a senior style producer for beIN Sports TV. Sounds motivational, right?

How to overcome the fear of failure?

It varies from person to person and whether your goal is to score 3.6 CGPA or secure a dream job real soon. But there are a couple of things that can be acted upon if you want to punch the fear of failure in the face.

Analyzing the worst case scenarios and calculating potential negative outcomes often help in defeating the fear of failure. Once you get to look at the real picture, you understand that the situation is not that worse after all. That, in turn, motivates you to give your best in pursuing your dreams and turning them into a reality.

As Mamdouh Bayan says, “Success and failure are neighbors, they live right next door. The only thing you can do is keep pushing through”.

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