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How Mamdouh Bayan has managed to cultivate such a loyal following over his years as a director_producer

How Mamdouh Bayan has managed to cultivate such a loyal following over his years as a Director/Producer

Mamdouh Bayan is one of the most renowned faces of the Creative Industry in the Middle East. With a long career in the media industry, he has explored and revealed his skills in various domains including fashion photography, music video direction, TV art direction, and advertisement creation.

His career journey reflects a struggling individual’s hardships and severe efforts. After his graduation from American University of Science and Technology (AUST) Lebanon, he decided not to move abroad and work in his country only. He had a vision and a profound mission to change things in the media and entertainment industry. The only way to attract a huge chunk of fans and followers towards your products is to proceed with new trends and styles that the audience actually loves to watch. That can only be achieved if one puts in due efforts and hard work in the projects.

Mamdouh calls himself a lifetime student.

As Natalie Massenet says, “In order to stay relevant, you have to stay open to new trends and keep educating yourself. You have to keep evolving.”

Mamdouh follows the same ideology. Despite having graduated 11 years ago, he has not stopped with self-education because he understands the importance of gaining knowledge.

His determination, perseverance and self- confidence are unmatchable.

When we analyze his career, we come to notice that his journey is filled with determination, perseverance and self-confidence elements. In order to succeed in the media industry, one needs to be bold and strong. Mamdouh knew this all along, he managed to stay dedicated and put in his efforts in multiple domains.

He comes up with stand-out ideas.

 Mamdouh has had the chance to explore and work in several entertainment industry domains. Whether it is a music video or a photo shoot, he always focuses on bringing something new. Look at his Vimeo channel, for instance, you will be able to view a lot of music videos and short films directed with a phenomenal creative approach.

He invests time in personal development.

Whether be it self-education or gymming routine or his love for travelling, Mamdouh loves to invest a great deal of time in grooming himself as an artist and as a media person. If you check out his Instagram profile, he regularly posts about his active daily routine and travel snaps.

One thing is quite clear, he who invests valuable time in personal development and grooming manages to attract a loyal following. His Instagram account is proof of his loyal and active following.

In coming years, we see Mamdouh reaching new heights of success given that his fans are loyal and that he has a unique love for his work. If you haven’t followed him on Instagram yet, do it now!

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