Mamdouh Bayan is revolutionizing the art aesthetics you see on Television

Mamdouh Bayan is revolutionizing the art aesthetics you see on Television

Ever wondered how everything that goes on the Television (movies, music videos and TV shows) is processed through scripting, visualization and transformation? Well, that is quite interesting to read and learn about. The main people involved in the creation and improvization of the art aesthetics are Creative Directors and Style Directors.

In the Arab region, the trends of styling and aesthetics are changing for good. Young minds are introducing new approaches that suit the mentality of millennials. If anything, it is always evident that media industry keeps going through a wave of continuous changes that define its direction in a certain era.

Mamdouh had realized the need for revolutionizing the art aesthetics long back when he was a student and an observant of how things worked in the media industry. In his own words, “I would like to remove and break all the taboos so that there is a sense of freedom to discuss any topic in an artistic visual way.”

Mamdouh’s extensive work experience

Mamdouh has 11 years of experience in the entertainment and media industry. He has evolved as an artist who is committed to translating modern thoughts and ideas into his projects. He understands what a modern-day audience needs. A look at his music videos and photo shoots and you can realize that his approach is not at all old school.

How does each project differ?

There is a completely different process of visualization that goes into execution for each project such as a music video or a magazine shoot. It is true that he has taken risks by applying modern approaches while directing videos and shoots. Given his immense fame and success, it can be concluded that his approach has received a widespread appreciation.

Committed to meeting client requirements

One key to success in the media industry is to make sure your final product goes well the requirements put forward by the client. Mamdouh has taken care of this aspect brilliantly. When your clients are satisfied that automatically means your career has started to tap the doors of success and growth.

Building up a storyboard, storyline followed by a mood board.

 The storyboard is a visual representation of a video project and on its basis, you can work on the development of scenes and characters. While a mood board consists of photographs, sketches, clippings, fabric swatches and colour samples to analyze what the client is actually looking for.

Mamdouh has specialized in translating new ideas in the entire process of building up a storyboard and a storyline that define the core direction of a project followed by finalizing a perfect mood board.

 He respects the efforts and assistance of his crew who help Mamdouh in bringing a mood board into a reality with aesthetic visuals. At beIN Sports TV, he has emerged as a senior style producer who utilizes his talent to make TV content look more appealing and presentable.


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