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Adaptation, versatility and evolution are the key to success! From student to the media industry, Mamdouh Bayan sets an example.

The media industry is evolving at a pace faster than ever before. While changing channels on your Television screen at a weekend, you must have noticed that not only visual aesthetics and fashion sense but the art of storytelling and content presentation have also advanced for good. In an era when the TV audience is spending a great deal of viewing time on Netflix and similar streaming websites, the evolution was inevitable to suit the new generation’s requirements.

Of course, any such change can never initiate if it is not for the stakeholders to take a stand. Mamdouh Bayan, a Style Producer hailing from Lebanon currently working for beIN Sports TV has taken it upon his shoulders to introduce elements of adaptation, versatility, and evolution in the media industry. In his entire work experience, he has only focused on creating and bringing new trends into the limelight.

An overview of his remarkable work achievements!

After completing his Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts – Radio and TV from American University of Science & Technology in 2009, Mamdouh decided to pursue production and direction domains. His initial idea was to integrate new elements of design and styling in the projects he was working for.

In his work experience as a music director, creative photographer, TV show producer, and style designer, we notice that his command over versatility has led him to succeed in multiple areas simultaneously. Once he decided to let go of conventional working approach in the media industry, the doors of success kept opening for him.

Bayan has worked as a Producer for Masaya TV, Al Hayat TV, and MTV and has directed several music videos and photo shoots as a Freelance Art Director. He currently works for Gulf’s leading Media Group beIN Media Group for their beIN Sports TV as a leading member of the creative department and as a senior style producer.

Do check out his Vimeo channel to get a better idea of how he has decided

How media students can pursue adaptation?

Students who are pursuing media and communication studies or any related field of study that aligns with creative art direction and production need to understand that the change needs to be kicked in now, and not anytime in the future.

There are many inspirations for media students in this field and Mamdouh Bayan leads the chart. From his daily routine to fitness schedules, you need to follow his lifestyle in order to introduce that essential element of a modern-day design approach. A healthy lifestyle paves way for an open mind that allows you to ditch conventional approaches and opt for and create new ones.

Welcoming the new age of media!

Calling out all media students, your audience is waiting to see new trends and styles in the media industry. It is your moment to build a successful career by making yourself follow the concepts of adaptation, versatility, and evolution.

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