Mamdouh Bayan is a creative mastermind bringing multicultural diversity in the limelight

Mamdouh Bayan is a creative mastermind bringing multicultural diversity in the limelight.

The art is always going through the process of adaptation and changes. For an artist to go successful in this era, he/she has to emerge as a content creator who loves changing

A noticeable reason behind his global appreciation is the fact that he has put a credible amount of energy and muscle into introducing multicultural diversity through his projects. To understand what factors contribute to Mamdouh’s inclination towards multicultural diversity, let’s review a few facts.

His diverse Lebanese background

Mamdouh Bayan hails from Lebanon, a country with acceptance towards the plurality of lifestyles. Lebanese society is very much adaptative towards other societies and their cultures. Hence, Lebanese people are open-minded and are very accepting of new norms and ideas.

Having people of many different religions and communities, Lebanon is a place where new and old coexist. With Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and people from other religious backgrounds living there, you can see veiled women and western-influenced clothing styles on the roads. This diversity reflects well in Mamdouh’s artistic approach which he is able to translate into his work.

His vast travelling exposure

Mamdouh has been travelling abroad including countries such as The United States, the United Kingdom, Netherlands, Spain, France, and Middle East countries including Greece, etc. This exposure helped him understand the value of multicultural diversity and its growing need in the media industry. In his tours, he met several big faces of the world’s media and entertainment industry and took bits of advice from them.

His visits around museums and theatres

It is an artist’s dream to visit theatres and museums all around the world to explore historical-artistic pieces of brilliance and mastery. During his travels, Mamdouh always made sure to visit museums where he absorbed the norms and values of different cultures and communities. This exposure to informal learning environments helped him come up with ideas suited well with diversity.

Exploring movie industries of different cultures

There is one thing that the movie enthusiasts are sure about; there are great movies being made in every part of the world. Being a fan of Spanish movies, Mamdouh always is in a hunt for phenomenal pieces of music and movies made in different cultures to expand his knowlegde.

Mamdouh loves to upgrade his skills

One way to introduce an element of multicultural diversity in your work is to make sure you do not stop your learning and upgrading yourself, and this is exactly what Mamdouh has done. If Mamdouh preferred, he could have stopped with the learning process but he did not. This is the exact reason why we see immense colors and signs of cultural diversity in all of his work.

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