Mamdouh Bayan’s creative evolution and the dark side of success.

Mamdouh Bayan’s creative evolution and the dark side of success.

Mamdouh Bayan is our favorite. His phenomenal music videos and magazine shoots that display his art and creative brilliance have been loved by his true and loyal fans from all around the world. But there is always a hidden background to an artist or creator’s work.

Mamdouh has faced real struggles in his work journey so far. In order to understand how he emerged as a successful Creative Director, we need to review notable stages and developments in his work life.

Experience of working with global agencies

Mamdouh has a creative approach that is loved all around the world. His work itself speaks of his ability to supervise and develop a diverse artistic execution in every project he is working on. While working with global agencies and companies, he met several renowned figures and celebrities.

His focus on continuous self-development

In one of his interviews*, Mamdouh reveals that gymming has become an integral part of his daily lifestyle. In his own words, “Going to the gym and working out is a priority in my life. It has become a part of me, my daily routine and my lifestyle.”

He never stops with the learning process. When he is travelling, he focuses on availing new exposure with respect to art and creativity.

The setback of betrayal!

There is only one problem with someone’s growing fame and success; people turning jealous and laying down a downfall framework against you. Mamdouh had to face severe jealousy from close friends, colleagues, assistants, and team members. So much so that it all resulted in close colleagues betraying him on professional grounds. It if it were about that only, he would have failed badly but he did not succumb to that. He faced all the negativity and obstacles with energy and power.

The pain of seeing your ideas getting copied

The worst nightmare for an artist or a content creator is to see others copying his original ideas and he cannot take action. In Mamdouh’s case, he had his ideas copied by seniors around him. They used his ideas as if they developed the concepts themselves. Mamdouh was helpless but he continued with his struggle. He did not wait for any miracle to happen, he paved way for himself with his dedication.

How did Mamdouh save himself from hitting the dark side?

With all these obstacles in his way, Mamdouh could have easily fallen prey to the fear of failure which definitely would have resulted in worse. Instead he held himself to the values of determination, perseverance and self- confidence. That took him out of the dark side he could have faced during his career. This technique is for all those young media persons who are afraid of facing hardships in their career.

It takes years of battle against hardships and extreme determination for a creative mind like Mamdouh Bayan to emerge as a successful director and artist. His journey serves as a notable example for young minds who are seeking inspiration.

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